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Orlando Lawyer – Representing Clients in Central Florida

Christopher M. Sprysenski, P.A. is a full service law firm representing clients throughout Central Florida. Firm founder and Orlando lawyer Christopher Sprysenski represents clients in Seminole, Orange, Osceola, Brevard and Volusia counties.

A Background in Business

Prior to becoming an Orlando lawyer, Attorney Sprysenski worked as a business consultant for large companies such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers, IBM, and Aon Hewitt. Business consulting required Attorney Sprysenski to provide his clients with multiple solutions to a business problem. By presenting multiple options to his business clients, they could decide which path to solve a problem was right for them.


After becoming an Orlando lawyer, Attorney Sprysenski realized that most law firms don’t take the same approach with their clients as business consultants do. Attorney Sprysenski found that most lawyers inform their clients that there is only one way to “skin a cat.” In fact, a legal issue can be approached in different ways. Most lawyers also fail to listen to their clients to determine a client’s goals in litigation. In business consulting, a detailed requirements phase is performed so there is no question what the client’s goal is in solving a business problem. Attorney Sprysenski believes the same should go for an Orlando lawyer providing services to their client.

Our Mission

With this background in mind, the mission of Christopher M. Sprysenski, P.A. is focused on solving the typical complaints a client may have with an Orlando lawyer. Our firm’s mission is simple:


“To provide caring, cost-effective, and creative legal representation focused on helping our clients determine and achieve their goals.”


To achieve this mission, Attorney Sprysenski has developed an approach to helping clients by navigating their legal issues in the following way:

  • Our clients have a detailed consultation with our firm.  Our clients are aware of the different options available to solving their legal issue
  • Our clients also receive different financial approaches to a problem based on their budget. An Orlando lawyer can often handle a case more cost effectively if the client is willing to compromise in areas that are not important to their overall goals
  • Our clients receive regular communications from our firm.  There is complete transparency in the work we perform for you
  • Our firm will never make a substantive decision in your case without your express approval. An Orlando lawyer should be offering his or her client options as to how to approach a problem and providing the “pros and cons” of each. The ultimate decision should lie with the client
  • Our firm uses technology so that our clients are always aware of where their case stands at any point in time
  • Litigation is stressful and shouldn’t be the primary focus of your day to day life. Our firm provides you flexibility in the way you work and communicate with our firm

Our Practice Areas

Our firm practices in two primary practice areas: family law and business litigation. In family law cases, you want an Orlando lawyer that can make sure that you are aware of the different considerations that must be addressed in your case. Kids issues such as timesharing and parental responsibility will require you to vocalize the unique aspects of your family. This is important so that a parenting plan can be drafted that doesn’t require changes as your kids change and grow. Financial issues such as equitable distribution and alimony are not “black and white,” and an Orlando lawyer properly representing their clients should gather the specific facts of your marriage so that a best and worst case scenario can be properly communicated to you.


In business litigation cases, not allowing litigation to sideline your business is a critical focus. That means working with clients to develop a timeline of the facts involved in your case so that all of your options, rights to relief and defenses can be explored. Claims for breach of contract require that the facts surrounding the contract formation be examined. Collecting or defending against the collection of a business debt requires “crunching the numbers” so that our clients can weigh the cost of settlement against the cost of fully litigating the case, and the chances of being successful in litigation.


Ready to have an experienced and creative resource to assist with your case? Contact Christopher M. Sprysenski, P.A. to schedule a consultation with an Orlando lawyer with our firm. Call us today at 407-630-8485. We offer payment plans and accept all major credit cards.