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Will You Have to Pay Spousal Support? An Alimony Lawyer Can Help

One of the biggest issues in a divorce is alimony. Most people don’t understand whether alimony is a part of their case. Attorney Sprysenski is an alimony lawyer who has litigated divorces throughout Florida. We are ready to advise you whether a court will award alimony to you or your spouse.

An Alimony Lawyer Must Complete a Three Part Test

Regardless of your goal, the court will perform a three part test under Florida Statutes to determine whether an alimony payment will be part of your divorce judgment. The first part of the test is whether one spouse has a need for alimony. The court determines this by reviewing the financial information filed in your case. The court will also look at the length of your marriage to determine whether the court should presume that the spouse making more money should pay alimony. An alimony lawyer should therefore work with you to make sure the income and expenses you file with the court are accurate.


The second part of the test must then be met: that the other spouse has an “ability to pay” alimony. Again, the court reviews this based upon the financial information filed in your case by your alimony lawyer. If the income you earn does not cover all of your living expenses, you may not be required to pay alimony. This would apply even if the court finds that your spouse has a need for alimony.


The last part of the test is to determine the amount of alimony and how long it must be paid. To determine the amount, the court will look at what types of expenses an alimony lawyer can show were a part of the spouses’ everyday lives. For example, a court will not let a spouse receiving alimony argue that money should be provided for eating out at restaurants when the parties never ate out while married.


To determine the length of payments, the court will consider the length of the marriage, as well as the purpose of the alimony. Some spouses need alimony so they can gain employment. Others need alimony to assist with the transition to single life. The purpose of the support will play into how long payments should be made, and an alimony lawyer will need to support this purpose with the right evidence.

A Landscape that an Alimony Lawyer Should Help You Navigate

At Christopher M. Sprysenski, P.A., we begin your case with a careful review by an alimony lawyer of the facts of your case. Based on these facts, we will walk you through baseline alimony calculations using the gross income of you and your spouse and the length of your marriage. After providing you with a baseline, an alimony lawyer will craft a detailed financial affidavit so that your most accurate income and expenses are shown to the court.


An experienced alimony lawyer with our firm will also review ways to provide different views of income to the court. This might include hiring someone to show the court that your spouse can earn more money at another job. Alternatively, we work with vocational experts to help you craft a rehabilitation plan that would provide you with alimony payments to gain employment skills. Whatever your goal as to spousal support, we approach your case with strategies to support them.


Want to know where you stand when it comes to alimony in your divorce? Contact Christopher M. Sprysenski, P.A. to schedule a consultation with an Orlando alimony lawyer with our firm. Call us today at 407-630-8485. We offer payment plans and accept all major credit cards.