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Child Support Lawyer – The Role Support Plays in Your Divorce

Unsure of Your Financial Obligations for Your Family? A Child Support Lawyer Can Help.

Every case involving children deals with child support. Calculating child support can be complex. You may be unsure of your rights. A child support lawyer can provide you peace of mind when it comes to supporting your family.

The Starting Point for Calculating Child Support

A child support lawyer will start with two numbers. The first is the number of children in your family. The second is the amount of income earned by both parents. Florida Statutes provides a basic amount of total child support that needs to be paid by both parents using these numbers.


A child support lawyer will then calculate each parent’s individual payment. The attorney will first determine the percentage of the parents’ total income each parent earns individually. The amount of overnights you have timesharing with your children will also be considered. Using these two numbers, a parent’s individual payment can be determined.

Deductions From Your Child Support Payment

Once your basic support obligation is calculated, you can deduct certain expenses for your children. These expenses include health insurance premiums and day care costs. Special needs expenses for your children can also be deducted. Certain medical, dental, mental health and educational expenses are included in these special need expenses. A child support lawyer may need to present evidence that these social needs expenses are necessary for the best interests of your children.


Additions or reductions to income can also be included by a child support lawyer. If you typically receive a tax refund, this refund can be counted as income in your child support calculation.

Retroactive Child Support

After your individual child support amount is determined, you will need to determine whether retroactive child support must be paid. Retroactive child support accounts for payments that should have been made since the parents separated. A court can award a parent up to 2 years of retroactive child support from the time of separation.

Forms of Payment and Consequences of Non-Payment

If you are required to make a child support payment there are different options for payment. A court may require you to pay your support obligation directly to the other parent. The court may also require that an Income Withholding Order or Income Deduction Order be entered. These orders require that your child support payment be deducted from your paycheck. Finally, a court may require you to pay your child support payment directly to the Florida State Disbursement Unit. This Unit is a division of the court system responsible for tracking child and spousal support payments. A child support lawyer will work with you to determine how you prefer to pay your child support payment.


It is important that child support is paid. There are severe consequences that can result if child support is not paid. A court can do such things as suspend your driver’s license, garnish your wages, or put restrictions on your motor vehicle registration and passport. The most severe remedy the court has is placing you in jail.

Let a Child Support Lawyer Help You Determine Your Child Support Payment

At Christopher M. Sprysenski, P.A., we carefully work with our clients to design parenting plans that address the special financial needs of your children. A child support lawyer with our firm will review all potential sources of income that might be used to calculate child support. If you are behind in your payments, a substantial change in circumstances in your income from the time that the order was entered awarding child support may be a defense for you. We present no-nonsense and practical approached to child support issues.


Are you ready to understand your child support options? Contact Christopher M. Sprysenski, P.A. to schedule a consultation with an Orlando child support lawyer with our firm. Call us today at 407-630-8485. We offer payment plans and accept all major credit cards.