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Orlando Business Attorney – Contract and Commercial Loans

An Orlando Business Attorney Focused on Your Bottom Line

Running a business isn’t easy. You want to provide quality service to your customers. At the same time you need to manage your expenses and your employees. If your business is facing a lawsuit, you may feel like its impossible to protect your business while running it.

An Orlando business attorney with Christopher M. Sprysenski, P.A. is available to efficiently and effectively help you with your business litigation needs. Our lawyers can help you sue to insure performance under a contract. Our firm also defends against business lawsuits and debt collection efforts. The experience of an Orlando business attorney at our firm can help you build a litigation path to accomplish your goals.

Breach of Contract Litigation

An Orlando business attorney with our firm is available to assist you in a variety of commercial litigation cases. Most business cases involve some sort of agreement that is not being complied with. Our firm handles all sorts of contractual disputes, including:

  • Breaches of employment contracts
  • Enforcement and defense of non-compete agreements
  • Disputes involving commercial leases
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements

A breach of contract case is a fact intensive process. An Orlando business attorney with our firm is available to assist you in organizing the facts of your case to insure your best chance at success.

Commercial Loans and Debts

We also represent businesses trying to collect upon or defend against commercial loans and debts. You may be a lender in a commercial loan and are now trying to enforce the loan terms. It may be that a bank who promised to lend you money is no longer honoring its commitment. Your loan may also involve personal guarantees that need to be enforced or defended against.

An Orlando business attorney with our firm is available to discuss your options concerning defending against or collecting upon a business loan. Our lawyers understand that loan transactions are not always “black and white.” We will work with you to build a litigation strategy in your loan collection case that works with the budget for your business.

Creativity Counts

Attorney Christopher Sprysenski has a favorite saying: “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” An Orlando business attorney should understand that not every problem can be solved with a “hammer.” Different legal problems require different legal tools. Sometimes this means taking approaches with a focus on settlement. Other times certain discovery tools, like depositions and written requests for documents, are critical to successfully prosecuting or defending your case. Taking a creative approach to your business litigation needs allows our firm to better focus on your goals and budget.

Ready to explore your options in your business litigation case? Allow an Orlando business attorney with Christopher M. Sprysenski, P.A. to assist you in a consultation. Call us today at 407-630-8485.